Captivating Press was born of the desire to create a new kind of marketing. One that didn’t look or act like traditional advertisements.  Our content is about connection, courtesy, and mutual benefit. We create informative and emotionally provocative media to enrich the lives of the viewers. We aren’t here to sell. We’re here to make sure your brand voice is one worth listening to.

-Haley Smith, Founder

Captivating Press is a partnership between two creatives looking to shakeup your marketing.

With a cumulative decade’s worth of education and experience, Haley and Mallory are the perfect team to give your brand direction and conversational content. Both partners earned degrees in English and are experienced in diverse creative and professional disciplines. 

Our Services

Engage with you target audience in new and meaningful ways through compelling content and well-crafted campaigns.

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  • Individual Posts
  • Monthly Management
  • Strategy Consultations
  • Site Design
  • Site Optimization
  • Monthly Management
  • Blog Posts
  • Site Blurbs
  • Ebooks & Resources
  • Grant Letters
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  • Presentations
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What our clients are saying

"We needed to create a catalogue to attract new business prospects, which could be repurposed for marketing automation, mailing and other digital channels. Haley reviewed our catalogue in a very strategic approach, effectively and efficiently copy-editing it.

We liked the result so much that we have been working since then. We've been able to publish social media blurbs on a consistent basis, and also use it for customer newsletters, which effectively drives traffic to our website.

Haley’s work has been a huge help in terms of time-savings and cost-effectiveness. She is extremely personable but remain professional, nevertheless. Her attention to detail, creativity and price set her apart.

We can only recommend her, and we hope to continue working with her for a long time."

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