About Us

Hello. I'm Haley, and I created Captivating Press.
I look forward to working with you.

I’m a content marketing and copywriting specialist based in my hometown of Cookeville, Tennessee. Growing up, I dreamed of being a writer or an artist. Like many a young optimist, I gave up on my dreams and majored in the Sciences instead. Luckily, that decision didn’t stick.

I stumbled my way back to words (it only took one literature class to reorient my compass). Now, I’m happily situated in my dream career. I write and design visual content for a living! I don’t regret my time spent in the sciences. Far from it, I noticed a common thread between my two fields of study.

Our Unending Search

Whether we’re peering through a microscope or studying the literary classics, we’re all searching for the same things. Understanding, Illumination, and Connection. We’re all grappling with the complexity of the world and (closer to home) ourselves and others.

Our search doesn’t end with academics, though. It’s woven into every aspect of our lives. When we experience or engage with something that contributes to our connection or comprehension, we feel a deep satisfaction. Our search is proving fruitful. We are a little more centered, a little smarter, a little more connected.

Unfortunately, most media and marketing is cotton-candy content. Colorful, sickly sweet, and incapable of satisfying deeper cravings. The images and words drip from every corner of our reality. They distract and leave us feeling less connected, less satisfied. So how do we combat this problem? What can we do to contribute to people’s sense of belonging and growth? How can we contribute to our own?

We can begin by changing the content we produce. We can start conversations instead of pushing coupons and discount codes (though we can still do those from time to time). We can offer something meaningful in our marketing. More importantly, we can make our marketing meaningful. It’s time for media to join the conversation.

Captivating Press: What We Do

My partner, Mallory, and I began Captivating Press because we were unsatisfied (and frankly irritated) by the excessive amount of frivolous advertisements splattered across every surface. Cell phones, computer screens, televisions, billboards, radio, magazines. Advertisements were everywhere! We felt our senses overloaded by these images and sound clips that offered no benefit to our lives. These ads didn’t make us happy. Far from it. Something had to change. We thought, “what if the media changed?”.  Then we thought, “why don’t we change the media ourselves?”.

We understand that businesses have to advertise if they want to grow. No one is going to buy a product or service from a company if they’ve never encountered that company before. You can’t purchase what you don’t know exists.  Businesses have to advertise. But, do they have to advertise the way they have been?

We don’t think so. We think businesses and people alike deserve a better quality of marketing. One that fosters meaningful connection and insight. And the experts back us up. Content Marketing and Brand Engagement are more cost effective and more successful than traditional paid advertisements. Most internet users use some form of ad blocker, yet they’ll read and engage with a business’s organic content. The problem isn’t that people don’t want to connect with businesses. The problem is that businesses have historically used meaningless connections instead of meaningful ones. Once a meaningful connection is offered, people gladly embrace that connection. 

At Captivating Press,  we help businesses change the connections they build by changing the conversation. Instead of focusing on the product, businesses need to focus on meaningful engagement through content and communication. We work with businesses to build their brand voices and content strategies. Sometimes, we even build their content.